How much does digital marketing cost?


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How will this guide help?

This guide will provide all the information you need to know when establishing a marketing budget for your law firm.

We will cover the pros and cons of different models for hiring digital marketers. With this information you'll be sure to make a great decision for yourself and your firm. 

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What the guide will cover:

  • How to establish a budget.
  • How much other firms and companies pay for marketing.
  • The pros and cons of hourly rates, project fees, employing marketings, and outsourcing to agencies.
  • Specific costs for websites, SEO, online advertising, and social media.

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There are many things to consider when putting your trust in an agency to handle your marketing.

This guide was created to help you understand what to look for and what to avoid. 

You probably ended up on our website for just a few reasons. Your business is new and you are not sure where to being with your marketing, your business is growing and you are ready to invest more in your marketing and hire an agency, or you have an existing agency that you are not satisfied with for one reason or another. 

Whatever the reason, we know you have questions and concerns about what to do when it comes to hiring an agency.

What makes an agency a good partner and a good fit for your exact business?

We cover all of this in our free guide. 

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