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Imagine you had a way of precisely targeting and engaging key decision makers from the largest available pool of business data: LinkedIn.

This isn’t your happy hour social media strategy. This is high performance lead generation.

Download Infiltrate  to:

  • Learn our step-by-step strategy to producing a constant stream of qualified B2B leads
  • Expand your network by 50-100 highly targeted prospects a day
  • Convert your rapidly growing network with simple digital advertising best practices 

Infiltrate Your Ideal Prospects - Find the Decision Maker

You have an idea of what your ideal B2B prospect looks like, but how do you find them in real life? After that, how do you engage them in a compelling way? If this is your challenge, this book is for you.


Welcome to one of the most innovative B2B marketing strategies of the year.

In our step-by-step guide, you will have all the knowledge and the tools you need to start explosively growing your lead generation efforts right away.

Our Process - What Will You Learn?

  1. How to target your ideal prospects on LinkedIn
  2. How to connect with 50-100+ using personalized automation
  3. How to organically build your reputation with your new connections
  4. How to export your connections’ contact information for highly-targeted advertising campaigns
  5. Best practices for effective, conversion-focused advertising

An Infiltrate Case Study


To help give you a picture of what the Infiltrate process can do, here’s how the process played out for one of our clients. (Every one of these steps is included in the eBook!)

We have a client who helps small to medium sized businesses get set up with innovative benefits packages. He was looking for new businesses to bring on as clients so he came to us.

Using the tools and tactics in Infiltrate, we targeted business owners and HR directors in companies with 50-100 employees in his geographical area.

We targeted them with personalized messages, sending several hundred a day with between a 30-50% acceptance rate. We then engaged them with a content marketing strategy to establish our client as a trusted market authority.

As we built up his brand to his prospects, we also engaged them with paid ads with clear calls to action.

We drove traffic to optimized landing pages, and directed all new leads right to his inbox!